About Us...


We are heavily focused on the machinery, steel and other businesses that require flatbed or stepdeck equipment.   We currently have four  2007 stepdecks and one 2006 flatbed and are actively seeking to grow this business.

lOur 2005 50ft reefer is the start of a fleet dedicated to this market.

All of our drivers are experienced in van transport and we provide this service routinely as required. We will expand this operation on dedicated lanes as demand dictates.

Brokerage/Transport Management:

We can find reliable trucks at cost effective prices. 

We are organized with a network of transport business partners that can deliver most services on demand. 
Our internet technologies are organized to manage both the purchasing and operations processes efficiently.  Delivering quality services at effective prices.

Talk to us about your problem.  We can help.

Need sorting?  Handling partial shipments? Design of multiple stop routes?
We can provide storage, staging, many types of material handling services either directly or with qualified partners.

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